Staging a Home for Sale in Virginia

Real estate in Richmond VA has risen roughly 3% annually since 2010, making the state capital some of the hottest real estate on the east coast. The area’s economy is diverse, including several Fortune 500 companies in addition to a mix of manufacturing and government jobs. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.

The market is skyrocketing, with the median price of Virginia homes for sale settling somewhere near $220,000. The market is hot right now, but you’ll sell your home much faster if it’s staged well. Once the buyer can see themselves in the home, you’ve done a good job. Here are some tips to help you rearrange your living space and create a portrait of life in your home.


The state of your home in general will be one of the first things that catches a buyer’s eye. Personal effects like pictures or trophies from kid’s competitions should be the first things to go. Family pride is nice, but it’s not a selling benefit for your home. Pack away all of the clutter in your home as well. Desks and kitchen tables tend to accumulate items as you go throughout the day. Anyone with a kitchen table or a desk knows how easy it is to gather stacks of unopened mail and discarded sales ads. Also remove less obvious forms of clutter, like the DVD collection you keep in the living room or the comic book collection you keep in the back bedroom. Kids can be another culprit, with toys spread all over the room.


Your tastes might be great. Every room in your home might be meticulously color coded to match a very specific theme in your home. But if the potential buyer doesn’t like your tastes, you might lose the sale. Buy a few cans of paint for the main rooms (kitchen, living room and master bedroom) then neutralize the space. Use warm colors, or eggshell to paint something non-offensive on the walls. Also look for areas where the paint has been chipping, or where a fresh coat would help invigorate the space. Also be aware that large patch jobs on a wall are easy to spot. It’s up to you to apply a finishing coat, but it could help to close the deal.

These tips are cheap fixes that have a huge impact. There are always going to be areas where you can increase the value of your home through renovation, but those searching for cheap methods to help sell a home can practice staging.
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