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Fascinating Facts about the Equator

Posted by Phineas Upham

In the article, “Zero Latitude,” by Jamie Malanowski, the author writes about the equator, the imaginary line around our planet. He starts by giving proof that it really exists, even though we can’t see it, and then goes on to list a few other things that are “there, but not there.” A few of his examples include criminals who are banished on one of the many uninhabited …

Are online schools better than attending school in person?

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Here are a few things to consider when deciding to attend school online or in person:

Technology savvy

Online classes will require a certain degree of technology savvy. If you have trouble turning on the computer yourself or differentiating between a keyboard and printer, online classes might not be the best option for you. All assignments, exams, and coursework will be transmitted to you via …