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Where to Learn About iPhone App Development

There are many reasons people are interested in learning more about iPhone app development. Some want to create simple apps, like games, as a hobby. Some own a business and want an app that will become a part of their other online assets that help promote their company. Others are a bit more ambitious and want to start their own iPhone app development company Los Angeles. If you’re interested in creating …

Examples of Publicly Accessible Computers

Some computers are available for use by nearly anyone. These are the so-called publicly accessible computers and they are available in most cities. In many cases, publicly accessible computers are free to use, although these are generally available only in municipal or government facilities. Even if not free, computers can be rented by the general public.

The best known location of free-to-use computers is libraries. Most city libraries today offer computers …

Exploring Flight with a Science Fair Project

Want a cool science fair project that will really shoot for the stars? Try exploring flight! There are many ways to explore the principles of flight, and to create your own flying devices out of simple materials. You can easily document how long your creations are able to fly, what speeds are best for them to function, and much more that will help you understand our world in more detail.


Out of This World Marketing Techniques

When the Twinkie re-launched, it prepared a Web page called “Prepare Your Cake Face.” The idea was to capitalize on a consumer’s nostalgia for Twinkies, a product that looked like it would be extinct by the end of 2012. The result was a success, and the company dubbed it “The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever.” Here are some ideas and science experiments to help you mount a product launch …