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Why the idea of online ventures ‘democratising education’ is total BS

There’s a revolution in education taking place, many people have told me about the excellent education people can get through online courses, many of them free, some of them from top schools.It’s a disruptive trend. No, it’s not.The top schools won’t be disrupted, even most other schools won’t be affected by free online education.Even if you could sit in on any lecture at any top school, Harvard ...

Higher education has changed since GFC

Higher education around the world has changed since the global financial crisis, becoming more crowded, more expensive but more flexible and accessible.

Education in Asia: A region at risk?

What’s up with the food fights? On May 30, a message, make that missile, consisting of white bread, salami and “a butter-like spread” was launched at former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard—video footage suggests a narrow miss—as she toured Australian schools to promote an education-reform agenda that, in part, proposed more funds for secondary education at the expense of tertiary ...

Tell Me More: Education Special And Twitter Chat

On July 1 and July 2, Tell Me More will host a live radio broadcast and Twitter chat from the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado, focusing on education and learning. Join the national conversation: Share your own thoughts using #NPRAspen.

Education Board OKs SELPA budget

The Colusa County Board of Education considered dissolving its current relationship with school districts to manage special education programs, but not before approving a SELPA budget that saves the districts about $70,000. The board on Tuesday...

Education Sec. Duncan visits Middletown

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan spoke of the importance of promoting and investing in early childhood education Thursday during a visit to the YMCA Child Care at the Miami University – Middletown campus.