Understanding the Principles of Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Article written by Learners Workshop

Therapeutic boarding schools should focus on promoting individuality and responsibility.

Rehabilitation is the key focus of every therapeutic program designed for troubled teens. But, if teens aren’t necessarily rehabilitating by the end of the program, then the advertised “lasting” changes are all for nothing. Before sending your teenager to the first school for troubled youth that you find, take the time to gather all the facts and information about the facility and program.


As you collect the names and numbers of all the therapeutic programs that you come across, take a look at their philosophy. What is it that they’re promoting? How will they go about accomplishing this? Many of these establishments promote a high rate of “discipline”, which typically means that they’re being yelled into rehabilitation.

Proper treatment comes through support. The right facility will support your child into discovering a path of their own and help them deal with their social-related problem in a healthy and productive way.

Boot Camps

A long debated topic, you’ll find that your average bootcamp for teenagers consists of a military-like setting and preaches discipline through an intense regimen that your teenagers are forced to undergo. As effective as it may initially be, these boot camps are known to have a high relapse rate, proving that they are a “short-term” solution.


Believe it or not, many facilities continue to treat their attendees without any form of licensure or accreditation. Typically, in these programs, there are little oversight and most importantly accountability with the campers. Be sure that your program of choice is licensed with a board that permits them to practice therapy within a program.

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